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Through collaboration, NDARC is able to offer services to communities, organizations, and individuals.  Provided by the staff of NDARC's member organizations, services will be delivered by:

  • professionals with decades of experience in project planning and implementation with an astute ability to leverage funding from private and public partners;

  • experts in economic, community, and rural development;

  • experts of 25+ state and federal programs with a capability of packaging multiple funding sources for a single project; and

  • professionals with key relationships with critical private and public stakeholders with a pulse on local and regional issues and opportunities.

Each service engagement will be negotiated individually with NDARC and the cooperating regional council in order to provide a customized approach.  Services that NDARC is able to provide include:

  • Project Development and Management;

  • Grant Writing and Grant Management;

  • Convening and Meeting Facilitation;

  • Research Development and Trend Tracking;

  • Customized Funding Packages for Projects and Businesses; and

  • Grant and Loan Opportunities.

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